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Families of Carrigtwohill

Standish Barry of Leamlara

Penal Laws - Oath of Allegiance

The 'Convert Rolls' recorded those who converted to the so-called established faith. Whereas the 'Catholic Qualification Rolls' of the Penal Laws required Roman Catholics to take an oath of allegiance to the Crown in order to avail of relaxations of the Penal Laws, and benefit of rights newly restored under Catholic Relief Acts. These were predominantly prosperous landowners, merchants, and professionals, who had no intention of denouncing their faith.

In 1774, this Act was passed to permit the King’s subjects, of any religion, to take an oath at the local assizes (courts) “to testify to their loyalty and allegiance to him, to promote peace and industry in the kingdom”

Standish Barry, signerd the 'Catholic Qualification Rolls'. Thus, taking the oath, and remained Catholic.

“At an adjournment of a General Sessions of the peace held at the Kings Old Castle the 15 Febry 1794”

What's in a Name

Garret Barry of Leamlary, or Leamlara, obtained a ‘confirmatory' grant from, Charles II, for the princely sum of £10, by deed dated 36th year of that sovereign’s reign, circa 1685.

The following entry may be found within John Bernard Burke's, ‘A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland’, 1836.

“Garrett married Ellen, daughter of Daniel Duf O’Cahill, by Ellen, his wife, daughter of M’Cartie Reagh, whose mother was descended from the noble house of Roche, Barrymore, and Ormond, by various intermarriages."

Garrett Standish Barry, 12thJune 1788

Garrett who succeeded his father, married Catherine, daughter of Standish Grady, of Elton, Limerick. He was in turn succeeded by Standish. Standish Barry who married Margaret Roche in July 1787, had six children who Burke names as; Garret Standish, John who died unmarried in 1833; Henry who married a Miss Burnett; Penelope, and Anne, all of whom adopted the double barrel name Standish Barry. Garrett Standish Barry (1788–1864), grandson of Garrett & Mary Anne Hussey of Leamlara, succeeded his father accordingmto Burke, in April 1823, was to inherit the family estate.

The baptismal entries at St. Michael's, Limerick, record only three of their children who were all baptised in this parish are including in following tabulation. These entries are all in Latin, and Extremely difficult to read in places.

Date Baptised Child's Name Godparents
12 Jun 1788 Gerardus Sandisius Phillipus Roche & Margareta White
15 Jul 1789 Phillipam Phillipus Roche & Maria Anna [Illegible ]
19 Feb 1791 Joannes Henrie Standio Domonicus Georius Regan & Margareta O'Kelly

Death of standish Barry

The opening passage of Burke’s genealogy of the Standish Barry family advises, Garrett Standish Barry, succeeded to the estate of Leamlara upon the death of his father, Standish, in April 1823. This was an incorrect statement, as he actually died two years earlier, 27th May 1821. An edited extract cleaned up version of the Freeman Journal which announced his death has been included.

Freeman Journal, 7th May 1821