Lectures by Sean Horgan

Midleton Workhouse

The Lecture

22nd May 2015, Sean Horgan, a local historian and teacher of Mallow, but a native of Midleton gave an interesting and informative lecture at MyPlace, at the site of the former Midleton Fire Station, on the history of the Midleton’s Workhouse, followed by a guided tour of the grounds.

Midleton workhouse and the famine was also the subject of his MA.

The Tour

After the Sean's excellent lecture, a smaller group followed him to conclude the evening with short guided tour of the old Workhouse Buildings, now Midleton Community Hospital.

Suffragette & the Woman’s right to vote

At St David’s, 8th February 2019, Sean Horgan, once again presented an excellent lecturer. This time the topic was of the Suffragette movement which, in 1918, succeeded for the first time in getting the right to vote for women in Ireland. Sean told us the story of the campaign by women of Ireland, to be granted the right to vote, over 100 years ago. He discussed the events and personalities in the UK and USA, and examined how these had influenced the suffragette movement her in Ireland.