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The Religious of our Parish

Poor Servants of the Mother of God

The Grass of a Cow

Richard Seymour's Convent
 on 'The Grass of a Cow

With the help of Miss Dora FitzGerald of Rockville (sister of Mrs. Coppinger of Rossmore), commenced the invitation process of Mother Magdalen's Poor Servant Sisters to Carrigtwohill, at the request of the zealous and beloved parish priest the village, Richard Seymour, who wrote to Mother Magdalen, 3rd May 1874, that he would provide a plot of land for the building of their convent for which he contributed the initial £100.

"The intended site for the convent is a portion of the yard of St. Mary’s new Church held in perpetuity by the P.P and Parishioner, free of rent or charges, not even taxes of any sort. I will give a hundred pounds in the first instance as my subscription to begin with, and secure the grass of a cow. Indeed if I were rich enough I would be inclined to do all myself."

He concludes his letter;

“However, I have no doubt that God and my friends in and out of the parish will do nearly all the rest that may be required.”

This convent house was demolised during the 1980s [date ...] to be replaced  by Glenmary's Sports Hall, which the Sisters financed themselves, with their retiremnt home located behind church.

Sisters Arrival

21st June 1875, on the Feast of St. Aloysius, Mother Magdalen and two of her Sisters had established a community in Carrigtwohill.

Upon their arrival at the Railway Station, they were astonished to be met by the entire village, including the children, all in festive attire, being led by Richard Seymour. They processed to their new parish church, as flowers were strewn beneath their feet, under a triumphal banner which read “Cead Mile Failte” held aloft by the men of this community. Here they recited the rosary and held a hymn service.

Death & Beatification of Mother Magdalen

Upon hearing of Mother Magdalen’s death, 9th June 1900, the Convent of Mercy, Kinsale, where she was well known since her meeting with the Sisters in the Crimea, the following message of sympathy was received by the Poor Servants of the Mother of God Order. The author is unknown.

“We had general Communion for her on the 9th (the day of her death) and will have another for her dear soul.

We here very sincerely sympathise with you and your Community in your sorrow, and are grieving at the death of your Mother General whom we loved and revered as a sincere and kind friend – a very much valued friend and fellow-labour of our beloved Mother M Frances Bridgeman”

On 13th June 2014, Pope Francis authorised the promulgation of the decree concerning the Heroic virtues of Servant of God Mother Magdalen of the Sacred Heart.

For further details of Beatification process, please consult the Order's website page, or emailing Mary Field

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