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Families of Carrigtwohill

A General overview

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Family Individual Comments
Cotter Anngrove Sir James Laurence Cotter, hanged for rape


There were three very distinct Catholic Barry families of very different origins based in Carrigtwohill and surrounding locality. All three had vastly extended branches, and may be still be found in the village and neighbouring townlands to this day.

The Standish Barry family is a branch of the original Barry family. Whereas, the Smith family who were Protestant have no connection to the Barry clan, who were of English origin.

One very important branch of the Barry family includes those of Rockville, fully chronicled by Reverend Edmond Barry, M.R.I.A., V.P.R.S.A.I., former PP of the Rathcormac, and Rockville. This is a valuable and rare document which has been scanned for posterity; a copy of which was published Cork Historical and Archaeological Society Journal, 1902, and may be found at the local history section of Cork City Library, Grand Parade.

Family Individual Comments
Barry Dáibhí de Barra Tenant farmer, poet, and author born 1757 in Woodstock
Smith Barry John Smith Barry of Marbury, Cheshire, and Fota Island, the son of 4th Earl of Barrymore, and grandson of Hugh Smith. He would adopt Smith as his name, with the next and subsequent generations assuming Hugh Smith.
James Hugh Smith Barry  
  Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry 1st Baron Barrymore, (1843 - 1925)
Standish Barry Garrett Standish Barry The Standish Barry family was headed by Standish, son of David Barry of Leamlara, and Catherine, daughter Standish O’Grady of Elton, County Limerick. Leamlara was the seat this branch of the Barry family for over two centuries.

Coppinger Family

Family Individual Comments
Coppinger of Barryscourt
Walter Coppinger of Woodstock  
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