Committee Members & Membership

Current Committee

AGM 2023

Having been widely advertised via our email mailing list, and in the Federation of Local History Societies circulation noticeboards, the AGM was held, 25th May 2023, at Mary Geary’s Childcare facility, kindly provided by their management.

The AGM commence with an opening address by Jim Barry (Chair), followed by André Saubolle (Secretary), concluding with Michael Cummins’ (Treasurer) financial report, after which the existing committee retired. We then proceeded with an open forum of discussions chaired by Jim Barry.

The AGM concluded by electing the new committee. All offices, with the exception of PRO, and second nonportfolio position were unanimously reinstated as follows along with the election of Frank Hannigan as a committee member.

Elected Committee

Chairperson: Jim Barry
Vice-Chair: Michael White
Secretary: André Saubolle
Vice Secretary Tony Ó Floinn
Treasure: Michael Cummins
Nonportfolio Officer: Frank Hannigan


Monthly Meetings

Our Society meetings are generally held the last/second last Thursday of the month at Mary Geary's Childcare, generously provided at no cost to the society, for which we are eternally grateful.

We are also paid up members of the Federation of Local History Societies.

Presentations, Lectures, and Tours

Until recently, the former parish church of St David’s was the venue for many of our presentation and lectures, for which we offered a nominal annual subscription. St David’s is currently unavailable, as it is used as temporary classroom. On other occasions Carrigtwohill Community Centre might be used where a fee is charged.

Since the lifting of Covid restrictions and after an almost a two year absence, our society began to re-establish itself in 2023. It began in January with a presentation by Brendan Goggin entitled ‘The Road to East Cork’, telling us the fascinating history of numerous households alone this route. Then in March we welcomed Derry Keogh who told us of the intriguing history and stories of Ballycotton Lighthouse. Both events were well attended, though it must be said that many were newcomers.

These lectures and presentation are generally well attended by our membership, and on numerous occasions by individuals further afield. It is becoming clear that these are becoming well received, and looked forward to.